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Fenugreek And Testosterone: Everything That You Need To Know About Fenugreek Extracts

Traditional medicine systems used many elements, which also includes many sorts of herbs and spices one example of such medication system is Ayurveda and homeopathy, which relatively the oldest medicine systems are known to us, dating back to 3,000 to 4,000 years.

As much as we know the history, it has been stated many times, and it has been stated by many ancient nutritionists that streams Trigonella foenum-graecum testosterone of medicine can enhance the muscle strength. It can be used for other medicinal purposes other than muscle strengthening by either cultivating plant seed extracts or directly using the whole plant itself.

Trigonella foenum-graecum, which is the botanical name of the Fenugreek, is a plant that is being used around the world for several purposes which also includes cooking purposes and medicinal purposes. However, their use is mostly noticeable in Indian food. Fenugreek seeds contain multiple kinds of vitamins, 45% dietary fiber (which help in the development of muscles), plant sugars and as well as minerals.

Uses of Fenugreek:

In many parts of parts of the world, Fenugreek seeds are considered to be viable herb when it comes to treating some digestion problems and most common stomach problem. Other than that, there are also some records, which show that Fenugreek has been used in treating erectile dysfunction as well. Currently, Fenugreek extracts are gaining popularity as a testosterone boosting supplement. Other than that, it is also used for daily use for health improvement reasons as well. Some of those are:

  • Improvement of cholesterol levels
  • Inflammation reduction in your body.
  • Promotes milk flow in breastfeeding.
  • Increase healing of body wounds from the outside.
  • Helps with eating Issues

Throughout the period the period, many studies were conducted over the uses of fenugreek and how it improves the strength and metabolism. This article will detail those studies to prove that Fenugreek is eligible for many sorts of problem and several body improvements as well.Those scientific researches will be detailed with all the critical details that are necessary to support the purpose of this article.

Properties and Similar Characteristics of the Tests and Experiments.

All the subjects of all the tests that were conducted, which were concentrated towards the use of Fenugreek extract, all lasted anywhere between the timelines of 2-6 weeks.In the studies, it is also notified that the usage of Fenugreek at around 500-600 mg per day is no harm or side effect, which also includes toxicity.

Fenugreek improves health levels and reproductive function.

In 2010, Steels E, Rao A, and Vitetta L conducted a test experiment on 60 males, all of them were aged between 25 and 52. The study introduced around 600mg of Fenugreek into all of the subjects respectively. The duration of the whole test lasted for 6 weeks. The study was concluded after checking and estimating the levels of testosterones and prolactin The testosterone level and prolactin level of all the men were maintained in accordances with normal physiological limits. It was very impressive to see that all of the 60 men had a greater level of testosterones and libido, and none of the males had any mood alteration or change in sleep patterns either.The study ended with the conclusion that testosterone levels can be maintained to healthy levels by using the extract of Fenugreek.

Case #2: Fenugreek extracts increase the testicular weight

Aswar U with some other researchers started a clinical study on 2010, and this study involved glycosides, a particular kind of chemical that is found in fenugreek extract. The study was devoted towards the research of fenugreek’s extract’s effect on the reproductive organs and as a secondary objective, to find any histological alteration that might have been resulted due to oral indigestion. Male Wistar rats were chosen for the tests and were given 10 and 35 mg of fenugreek extract fraction per Kg body weight. The test was for around 4 weeks. In the end of the test study, it was found that the testicular weight and histological sections were affected. Fenugreek glycoside increased the testicular weight and did not do any histological harm either.

Case #3: Fenugreek extract reduces fat and improves muscle strength

In 2009, Researchers from University of Mary Hardin took a sample of 30 well-trained athletes to see the effects of fenugreek extracts and to see if it would have any impact on their appetite and body physics. All of the subjects of the study took around 500mg of fenugreek each day for 8 weeks. In the meantime of these 8 weeks, the athletes were exercising for around four days in between. By the end of the study the was a relative increase in muscle strength, which was measured by hydro densitometry. There was also a reduction in fat levels.

Case #4: Fenugreek extracts, aromatase, and reductase

Aromatase and reductase are inhibitor activities; these are the enzymes that are responsible for disrupting the testosterones. On 2016, Wilborn C, Taylor L, Poole C, Foster C and Willough by D, Kreider R started a test in which they created 3 different groups of healthy men on the basis of 3 different week lengths. These weeks’ lengths were 2,4 and 8. All the subjects were supposed to intake at least 500mg of fenugreek on a daily basis. The last procedure of the test was to evaluate the testosterone level, body fat gain and muscle gain in all the test subjects. There was a relative reduction in the body fat of all the subjects, muscle gain and as well as higher testosterone level as well.


There are multiple psychological effects that can be observed in regards to reproduction; the fenugreek increases the level of testosterones, hormones and prolactin levels as well. Fenugreek extract also improves muscle strength and muscle lean. Moreover, this extract helps in developing a greater degree of blood testosterones as well and one the biggest benefit of fenugreek is that it can be used with any other supplement as well and it will not do any cross-reactions and do any major damage. Many supplements contain extracts such as those from fenugreek and testo-Max is one of these supplements.

Physiologically, the healthy levels what are required for vital androgenic functions fenugreek help to maintain it at optimum and acts by controlling the bioconversion of testosterone. There have been some reports which have evaluated that the there are some particular elements in the extract of fenugreek that do the psychological effects. However, there is no proof by now, at least not an official one that the extract have some specific ingredient that affects psychologically. The most appropriate stand to this theory can be that, just like all the other plants, fenugreek’s extracts act synergistically and supporting each other.

There are several reasons why many uses of fenugreek are admirable and highly recommended. It is highly recommended to get around 500mg per day as it improves immunity, digestion, vitality as well as, reduces body fat, strengthens muscles and reproduction function as well. There also some cases in which fenugreek has been used as to treat some autoimmune disorders, but most of such cases are undocumented. If you use fenugreek with other supplements as well, it will profoundly improve your testosterone levels and your muscle strength as well.

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How To Find Side-Effect Free Body Supplements

The supplement and vitamin industry has been around for quite some time and its here to stay.

That’s because it caters so many people across the globe in so many different ways. However, it’s important that you are knowledgeable enough to separate the good products from the not-so-good because your health and savings depend on it.

When buying a nutritional supplement, it is suggested that you look for quality supplements that are safe and provide you with the nutrition required. To make things easy, this article provides a list of important factors that should help you buy side-effect free supplements.

You might even like to get a hardcopy of this page and discuss the list with whoever you are buying the supplement from to ensure you are investing in the right products.

Remember, nutritional supplements are designed to complement a healthy diet and not replace it, so so make sure you are eating right. Following are some factors that you should consider when buying supplements;

What should you really buy as a newbie?

A good fish oil supplement and a quality multivitamin are, generally, all you need. If you are a healthy individual with good dietary habits, then don’t fall into the trap of buying numerous different vitamin supplements.

Instead, just look for a quality supplement that has everything you need and combine it with a good fish oil (or omega 3). However, extra supplementation may be required if advised by a doctor for treating a specific pathology. For example, if you have knee joint problems, you may opt for a quality fish oil + multivitamin along with a glucosamine supplement.

Check for toxic ingredients

Besides looking for a quality side-effect free supplement, one also needs to ensure that it is safe to use on a long term basis. In particular, vitamin A, also known as retinol, and iron can accumulate toxicity within the body causing adverse side effects to our health.

Therefore, we should steer clear of supplements that contain the aforementioned ingredients. Supplements that contain vitamin A should be present in the form of “beta carotene” to eradicate the possibility of toxicity. It is usually not recommended that people take any supplements that contain iron unless specifically advised by the practitioner.

Does the supplement contain beneficial nutrient ratios?

One essential aspect that we usually ignore, when purchasing supplements and multivitamins, is their nutritional quality. We usually get so engrossed in buying products that weigh more that we pay no heed to the ingredients they comprise of.

For example, a 1500mg fish oil capsule is not necessarily better than one that is only 1000mg. Although, size does matter in many other matters, but here it’s not the size of the capsule that is important, it is the number of active ingredients (i.e. the omega 3’s EPA + DHA).

Are the ingredients provided in the most bioavailable form?

Usually, salts that have minerals are not as easily absorbed as compared to other forms of minerals such as chelated minerals, or minerals bound to an organic carrier. In order to buy supplements that have traces of minerals, be aware of the ingredients that come in the form of chelated minerals as these are easily used by the body which makes them superior quality supplements. The only exception is iodine, which is best absorbed in the form of iodized salts, readily available in the market.

The product should be able to deliver in a single dose

Less is always more. Many people, who consume multivitamins and supplements, believe that a brand which uses a number of active ingredients in their products is the best option to shop from.

Sadly, this is not always the case. It is important to keep in mind that the human body can absorb only a limited amount of ingredients consumed in a single dose. So, large doses quite often are a total waste. You need to make sure that the product is delivering (whatever it is supposed to deliver) in a single dose because large doses of certain ingredients can lead to toxicity.

How are the supplements manufactured?

We all know that nothing is more important than good health and, therefore, you seriously don’t want to invest in anything that comes with side effects. Usually, firms that use standards equal to pharmaceutical manufacturing will produce superior quality supplements unlike those that use basic food standard as their only criterion.

Thus, it is best to avoid using any potions or lotions that look as if they were made in the backyard of a house as both the quality and safety may be compromised.

Are the supplements listed in the Physicians Desktop Reference (PDR)?

The PDR is a book that healthcare professionals use when prescribing medications. Supplements and multivitamins that are found listed in these publications are generally considered safe and of excellent quality, as there is some research to support their use.

Is the company publicly traded or transparent about their manufacturing processes?

This point also helps in finding out whether the supplement is side-effect free or not. The advantage of shopping from a publicly traded company is that they are regularly inspected and because they are transparent, they have nothing to hide.

Also, anyone in the general public can find out all the information they need about the company including manufacturing standards, where they receive their materials from and similar other things. If the company is not publicly traded, then all of this information remains hidden.

Did you experience any side effects of a supplement you used? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Tips to Buy Shoes For Heal Spur (Heal to Heel)

Are you looking for shoes for heel spur? Specific shoes are designed to treat heal spur problem. These shoes have a firm heel counter that provides comfort to your heel bone. It also assists to control the supination and pronation. If you are facing severe symptoms of heel spur like stress fracture, instability, foot cramps, nerve pain and numbness then you can deal with such problems with the help of comfortable shoes. Another thing to check is flexibility of shoe. Sufficient shoe flexibility is needed to bear the running and jumping steps. You can bend the both ends of shoes to measure the level of flexibility.

Many times, physicians suggest the use of invasive surgery and medicines. Surgery is not a safe process because it can lead to many complications like stress fractures and foot cramps. Make sure that minimum height of shoes heel is one inch. It should also have sufficient cushioning so that it can absorb the impact during running or walking. You must keep these factors when it comes to purchase shoes to reduce the signs of heel spur. Usually the problem of heel spur is experienced by athletes. The main cause of this problem is accumulation of calcium at the bottom of heal. It is recommended that you should use best shoes for heel spurs.

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