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How Yo-Yo Dieting Is Dangerous for Your Health

More than half of Americans are trying to lose weight at the moment, and this is the main reason why we see so many weight loss programs on the market. The promise of fast and effective weight-loss seems tempting, but is this possible in real life? If weight-loss programs worked, then logically, there wouldn’t be such a high number of people struggling with excess body weight. Instead of successful weight loss, what most people experience with these diets is the yo-yo effect. Other than sheer disappointment, yo-yo dieting also leads to a host of health problems. In case you were wondering how exactly yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and how a popular diet called the low-carb diet could prevent the yo-yo effect, then keep reading.

About yo-yo dieting

Yo-yo dieting is known in the medical community as weight cycling. It refers to the rapid weight gain followed by weight loss of several pounds in a short span of time. The phenomenon is very common with most people trying to lose weight experiencing it at some point. Survey data shows that 17% of people trying to lose weight are also severe weight cyclers while 30% of people were moderate weight cyclers. When adding these numbers together, you get more than 50% of people attempting to lose weight that go through what is known as weight cycling. So, as we can see, successful weight loss is not easy, and half the people are trying to lose weight experience it coming back after initial success. Finding the best diet plan to lose weight is tough, and you should consider the possibility of your weight returning after initial success.

Yo-yo dieting and greater weight gain

The problem with yo-yo dieting is that it seems to be much more confusing to the body than when you remain overweight for most of your life. What is even more concerning is that studies show that dieting can lead to greater weight gain when not done properly. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that dietary restraint increases a person’s risk of weight gain. The main reasons for this being metabolic changes caused by dieting and binge eating. Our body likes to hold on to its fat reserves. So, any time you restrict your calorie intake, the body will make metabolic adaptations such as lowering resting metabolic rate and wasting muscle tissue before it will turn to fat reserves. These things all lead to easier weight gain following a bout of starvation.

The risk of cardiovascular disease

Research has long found a strong link between yo-yo dieting and increased blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. For instance, one study found that women with normal weight who’ve been weight cyclers for a part of their life had a three time greater risk of sudden cardiac death than women with stable weight. The same research noted a 66% increased risk of coronary heart disease from yo-yo dieting. The exact mechanisms behind this are unknown but may have to do with DNA damage caused by this type of dieting. People with relatively normal weight who go through weight cycling do not have the same adaptive mechanisms to weight changes, and this is the main reason why yo-yo dieting leads to heart disease in this group said the study’s lead author Somwail Rasla, MD, at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Yo-yo dieting and whole-body inflammation

Being overweight and obese is now recognized as an inflammatory disease. Adipose tissue is an organ that becomes inflamed with excess fat accumulation. Overweight individuals are known to have greater markers of inflammation in their body as a result, and this increases their risk of chronic diseases. This is one reason why overweight people are encouraged to lose weight. But now, research shows that losing and gaining weight in cycles through yo-yo dieting may cause even greater whole-body inflammation than when a person remains the same weight. Inflammation in the body is associated with systematic diseases, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, and even memory problems. If you were wondering how to reduce your risk of these diseases or how to improve memory, then steer clear of yo-yo dieting.

Healthier alternative

For those seeking fast and effective weight loss, there are many alternatives that were approved by medical experts. A good example is a low-carb diet which became increasingly popular ever since the WHO recommended that people reduce their consumption of sugar and starches for better health and weight loss. Diets low in carbohydrates lead to a process called ketosis, where your body uses fat stores and turns body fat into ketone bodies which are essentially a substitute for glucose. The result is rapid weight loss but without the risk of the yo-yo effect. In addition to this, most low-carb diets recommend a higher intake of fat. Although this can seem counterintuitive when trying to lose weight, the truth is that fat increases your satiety and is higher to digest than carbs, so there’s no danger of fast weight gain with a low-carb but moderate fat diet. The efficiency of this diet in inducing rapid and effective weight loss was even confirmed in a recent study published in The British Journal of Nutrition.


With so many people trying to lose weight, the risks of weight loss become even higher. Although weight-loss is important for overweight people in improving their overall health and well-being, the risk of the yo-yo effect is far too real. Yo-yo dieting is associated with even worse health outcomes than being overweight. Developing a careful diet strategy is one way to avoid rapid weight regain following weight loss. Sticking to moderate and slow weight loss may be your best option if you need to shed some pounds. A good way to do just that is with a low-carb and moderate fat diet which was scientifically-proven to buffer the yo-yo effect. Speaking to a nutritionist may also help avoid adverse health outcomes. Keep in mind that your body does not like the idea of giving away fat reserves and that weight-loss comes after careful manipulation of the body’s metabolism.

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fitness goal by using rowing machine

5 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goal by Using Rowing Machine

Are you planning to set your fitness goal by using rowing machine and if so, how rowing workouts can help with weight loss, muscle building, increased speed or better endurance? It’s simple: you can build a thicker and stronger back by following six ways of rowing workouts in your daily exercise routine.

How to Achieve Fitness Goal by Using Rowing Machine?

Are you ready to row? Start with one of these five workout plans. Read the tips below and go for the first one.

  1. Body Blast: 20 Minutes Workout

If you haven’t enough time, try this 20-Minute rowing exercise to burn calories quickly. You’re able to burn roughly 200 calories in total by this minimize workout.

  • Step 01: 5-minute warm-up.
  • Step 02: 1-min row and 1-min rest. Repeat these process eight rounds.
  1. High-Intensity Interval Sprints: 30 Minutes Workout

These high-intensity intervals help to get a quick sweat fix. You’ll burn around 300 calories in total by this workout. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Let’s improve your strength and explosive power in just 30 minutes.

  • Step 01: 10 minutes easy row warm up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes squats.
  • Step 03: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes push-ups.
  • Step 04: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes air squats.
  1. Pyramid Power: 40 Minutes Workout

Try this 40 minutes challenge to enhance endurance and consistency with your rowing workout. You’re able to burn around 450 calories in total by this workout. Aim to keep the same workout strength or pace on each interval. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Be warned that the same amount of time doesn’t indicate it’s going to be very easy!

  • Step 01: 8-10 minute warm-up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 1-min row and 1-min rest.
  • Step 03: 2-min row and 2-min rest.
  • Step 04: 3-min row and 3-min rest.
  • Step 05: 4-min row and 4-min rest.
  • Step 06: 3-min row and 3-min rest.
  • Step 07: 2-min row and 2-min rest.
  • Step 08: 1-min row and 1-min rest.
  1. Lean Leapfrog: 45 Minutes Workout

While most rowing exercises are aerobic, this one is anaerobic. This process competes against you during these aggressive bursts. It’s like a weight lifting session, while you’ll apply muscles enough to produce lactate that leaves you with that burns-so-good sensation. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Try this 40 minutes challenging rowing workout to burn roughly 700 calories.

  • Step 01: 9 minutes warm-up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 1-min sprint and 1-min rest. Repeat this process five times and take rest a minute.
  • Step 03: Repeat the second phase 3 rounds.
  1. Neutral-Grip Cable Row

Finally, you can try this exercise to set your ultimate fitness goal by using rowing machine. This process hits on your every muscle in your subsequent musculature that helps to emphasize the “squeeze” of the scapula pulling back muscles together. This workout is frequently used by bodybuilders to complete the back and offers a smooth and consistent resistance. Try to use this workout at the end of your exercise in your daily routine. While you are in a set position, the seated row is the ideal training to improve the muscles in the back safely. Use as heavy as you can lift for 10-15 reps.


The workouts mentioned above probably work best that keep you coming back to your rower for more. When you keep doing these workouts, you’ll feel the outcomes from the first session. However, you’ll get bored sometimes, and eventually, you’ll stop training. So, you have to know first that how do you keep motivated?

  • Firstly, you are starting rowing workouts to see results speedily. The best way to achieve your fitness goal fast is to use heart rate training programs to get the maximum exercise.
  • Secondly, you have to change the variation to make it interesting. In other words, mix it up and make it interesting. Time or distance, strokes per minute and the resistance level are the variables in any training sessions. If you’re new to rowers, start with a beginners program.

Hope you’ll achieve the fitness goal by using rowing machine workouts. Best of luck!

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Fitness rocks

Exercise and Getting Fit: Is it the Right Choice for You?

The number of people who are hopping aboard the fitness train seems to be growing every day. In a time, where our children are couch potatoes and would rather play a video game than get out and play sports or even jump on the trampoline, the importance of getting out there and realizing that fitness rocks is more important than ever. Luckily, teens and adults alike are coming to the realization that being fit and getting plenty of exercise is the only way to stop the obesity in America.

What many people don’t realize is that fitness and exercise aren’t only for those that want to drop a few pounds. If you don’t know about fitness and what exercise can do for you, then how can you make an informed decision as to whether it’s the right choice for you or not? Instead, of saying, “Oh that’s not for me,” read only below to find out why getting physically fit might just be what you need.

Short Term Effects of No Exercise

If you already have a fitness routine in place, then you will already know what I’m talking about here. When you go a little while without getting your workout, you start to see short-term effects of no exercise. For those of you, who don’t get to the gym at all, the short-term effects of no exercise are listed below for you to study.

Sudden Fatigue

It is suggested that even 15 minutes of exercise a day will stop you from becoming suddenly fatigued. When you get no exercise, it makes you too tired to exercise that day, then the next day, and often the next day after that. It soon becomes an unending cycle of you not going to the gym because you are just too tired to make an effort. Exercising is certainly a better way to get energy than popping the top on an energy drink or making a pot of coffee and much better for your health as well. People who have gone to the gym report that now they think fitness rocks and don’t need the energy drinks like they once did.

A Bigger Appetite

The less you exercise, the less you want to exercise and many people who don’t find that their appetite increases. Over time, this appetite increase can lead to you eating more and more and soon being obese, something that is a growing problem in America today and needs to be addressed by adults and teenagers alike.

You Become Stressed

Everyone knows that one of the benefits of a regular fitness routine is less stress. When you start skipping that fitness routine, you aren’t releasing the endorphins that promote relaxation and prevent stress, so soon the cares of the world start settling in and you can’t seem to shake your mood. Why not exercise, if it’s going to help your stress levels? Not only will you feel better, but the people around you will feel better as well.

Long Term Effects of No Exercise

There are many possible long-term effects of not exercising out there as well. While they aren’t guaranteed to happen to you if you don’t exercise, why take the risk?

Early Death

In one study done in 2013, it was found that one out of every ten early deaths reported could be attributed to the person never doing any form of exercise or having a fitness routine in place. It is recommended that you get between 60 to 90 minutes of exercise a day to not only prevent early death but to prevent obesity and other diseases as well.

Taking More Sick Days

It has also been reported that people who don’t exercise tend to call into work more often because they are sick. It is also reported that people who don’t get their exercise every day are more apt to suffer from major diseases later in life. A study also showed that people who didn’t exercise called into work with more colds and flu than people who exercised at least 30 minutes a day. Since exercise makes you sweat and flushes various toxins out of your body, it is thought that the toxins are washed away and don’t have a chance to grow in the bacteria that causes the colds and flu.

These are just a few of the things you need to know about exercise and fitness. While exercising has many, many benefits to offer, the consequences of not exercising can be extreme as well. Make sure that you are getting your required amount of exercise every day and soon you will realize that fitness rocks as well!

treadmills advantages

Treadmills – Introduction and Advatages

As fitness is gaining popularity amongst people, the need for good fitness equipments is on the rise. One of the most popular fitness equipment used nowadays is the treadmill. Though treadmills were a simple piece of equipments earlier, lately they are much advanced and also combine two or more exercising routines in them. A treadmill is considered to be a good exercise and workout equipment. With a wide variety of treadmills available in the market with a host of features, finding a treadmill to suit your needs and exercising routing should not be tough.

A treadmill has many advantages over walking outdoors. One of the major advantages is that you can workout regardless of what the weather is. Let it be a windy or raining or any other natural phenomenon like sleet, snow or hail – you can be rest assured that your workout routine would not be hampered due to the weather. Also a treadmill gives you the option to workout anytime of the day you want. Night or day, the treadmill would be your own 24/7 gym. Once you have your own treadmill no longer would you have to worry about the gym timings for your workout!

The outdoors can be risky even if you are careful. The possibility of you getting injured while walking or running outdoors is three times more likely. Added to this is the fact that your foot is steadier while you walk on a treadmill as you walk on a perfectly flat surface unlike outdoors where you cannot always be guaranteed of a flat surface. Walking on hard surfaces can wear out your knees a lot more when compared to walking on soft surfaces. Treadmill running surfaces are soft and are designed to give the least amount of shock to your knees and legs as possible.

Our lives today depend on multi-tasking and treadmills allow you to do just that as you are getting your much needed exercise. While on the treadmill you can read a book, watch any of your favorite shows or even talk over the phone.

Imagine reading a book or a newspaper while walking or jogging outdoors – could lead to a trip to the emergency room. There is a myth that the amount of calories burnt outdoors is more than that on the treadmill. But the truth is that the calories burnt on a treadmill are the same as what is burnt when walking or jogging outside. With the newer treadmills with the inclination facilities, the calories burnt is more than what you can burn walking or jogging outdoors.

For those who are very careful about their health and hygiene, working on a treadmill inside your house greatly reduces the possibility of your exposure to germs that are found outside. Your contact with people while exercising is very less when on a treadmill and that can help you to stay away from sick people who can spread their germs to you. Above all you would have the opportunity to sweat a bit more when compared to walking or jogging outside. A cool breeze will tend to make you sweat less while exercising outside whereas indoors you can exercise in a controlled environment.

Treadmills are available in the many shapes, sizes and of different materials. The major types of treadmills are motorized, manual, folding and stationary treadmills. A manual treadmill run on your power and is very basic in construction – but not in use much nowadays. The motorized treadmill has a motor which moves the belt enabling you to run on it.

Most treadmills in use now are motorized treadmills. The stationary models are sturdier and heavier than folding ones. Do remember that treadmills take up a lot of abuse from you as you keep running on them, so getting a good quality treadmill is important if you want the treadmill to last long.

The growth of treadmills over the years has been significant and stable. A very basic exercise like walking and jogging has been the basic principle on which a treadmill has been constructed. And this is the major advantage of treadmills – the fact that it is simple to use and you need not have to do anything special on it. Just walk or jog on a treadmill as you would do outside.

Treadmills nowadays give out a lot of information about your body as you are exercising. Your heart rate, amount of calories burnt, number of miles you have run and some advanced models can display your body temperature and also your blood pressure. With so much information available to you, it becomes easier for you to plan your exercise routine.

If you have less time, then treadmills with inclination function can help you burn a lot more calories in a lot more time. All treadmills nowadays come equipped with a safety feature that stops immediately when you lose your balance. With lot of safety features being added to treadmills, the time spent on a treadmill can be fruitful and also safe.

Most importantly, just buying a treadmill will not keep you fit. The amount of calories burnt by you is directly proportional to the time you spend on the treadmill. So, to lose weight and be fit, exercise regularly and integrate time to spend on the treadmill into your exercising routine.

If you are looking for weight loss and fitness related information visit this website:

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website for sprinters

Are you a Sprinter?

Keeping your body active is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life. Various exercises can be used to remain active, however, sprinting is one of the purest and most powerful way to make sure your body is fit and strong. Sprinting is like running but it consists of a short distance that a sprinter needs to cover in a limited period of time.

With time, sprinters train to run as fast as possible in a set time limit. To become a sprinter, one must have the right gear such as the right shoes and clothing for this sport. For a sprinter, it is highly important to make sure the posture of their body is upright and they are required to move forward like they are cycling.

This powerful form of exercise is perfect for losing weight or for making your way to six packs. Start with a light warm-up and make your way towards increasing time and speed of sprinting. The website for sprinters is indeed one of the best ways to learn how to burn off excess fat and calories. Apart from this, sprinting is also good for a better heart health and helps to reduce stress by producing endorphins. The numerous benefits of this form of exercise are why it is important for everyone to learn sprinting and extract advantages from it.

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body building meals singapore

Errors You Must avoid while choosing Body Building Meal Plan

When making their body building meal plans, there are a lot of errors individuals tend to do. When bulking up, the majority of people have a lot of misunderstandings about the diet essential.

Some individuals have the wrong concept that a bodybuilding meal plan ought to be made up entirely of protein and all other nutrients, particularly fat and carbs, must be removed. The fact is, when expanding, you likewise have to increase your carb consumption to offer you the required energy to exercise.

When you lower the carb element in your body building meals singapore plan, your body, in turn, is required to make up. The body achieves this by reducing your metabolism. When your metabolism is reduced, the additional calories you consume develop as fat rather of getting broken down as energy. When making a bodybuilding meal plan, it is wrong to believe that taking protein items and body building supplements, can right away bulk up your body.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind in a bodybuilding meal plan is that you still have to consume. Some bodybuilding supplements work by burning the fat in your body; nevertheless, supplements can just do so much.

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Bio X4 Reviews

Read Through Bio X4 Reviews to Know More about the Supplement

For the fact that most people in their 30s, 40s and even 50s always start to feel heavier, less vibrant and even add up weight does not mean that it is a normal thing. Also, for the fact that you have tried several traditional weight loss regimen and exercises without result does not mean there is no solution to your weight gain. It simply means you have not found the right solution to your problem. That is why this article is about to present to you information about Bio X4 Supplement.  Through Bio X4 Reviews you will know more about this product formulated to help put you back to shape and bring out the youthful vigor in your body.

Increase Your Chance of Slimming Down, Enhancing Performance Just By Taken Bio X4 for 90 Days

Will you believe it if someone tells you that you can burn stubborn fat on your tummy, slim down and even improve in your performance within 90 days? That is what you are going to get when you start taking the abovementioned supplement. You will drop up to 36 pounds of pour fat when you take this supplement for 90 days. In fact, all age related defects on the body including weight gain and others can easily be corrected with this supplement. Just read more about it on Bio X4 Reviews through this site.

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knee sleeves for squatting

Buy Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves Made With Quality Material

Are you looking for the way to avoid injury on your knees and joint while you lift heavy weight? You should go ahead and buy weight lifting knee sleeves made with high quality material. The best of this item is the neoprene knee sleeve as it is built to offer users comfort and warmth on the joint. That means you will start to carry heavier weight more than ever when you get high quality knee support brace. The quality of the material used in production of this brace is among the reasons why you need to go for it. It will definitely offer you what you want and even enhance your comfort and performance in weight lifting, squatting and lots more.

Get Knee Sleeve for Crossfit Here without Stress

The knee sleeve for crossfit offered on this site is made with 7mm neoprene material which made it the best. It is also one of the best lifting knee sleeves you need to have as a weight lifter mostly when you want to start carrying heavier weight. Another thing this brace is equally among the best knee sleeve for squat in case you want to embark on squatting exercise and others. The knee sleeves for squatting offered on this site is just what you need to ensure comfort, safety and enhance your performance in weight lifting. Just order for knee sleeve for squats here and you will have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Portable Lightweight Exercise and Fitness Equipments

Exercise equipment that is transportable are popular especially by individuals with a lifestyle that is busy with insufficient room within their house. It’s more straightforward to carry when along anywhere you’re you wish to workout. Today, individuals have zero justification for lacking sufficient period because it may be used actually at your personal office or anywhere you are.

You are able to work-out during breaks to bend these lazy muscles of yours after lengthy resting hours.

If you are a player or sportsman, portable and lightweight fitness equipment might help you to warm up prior to heading for your demanding instruction or hard training. Several skilled players are now actually utilizing these portable fitness equipments and these equipments certainly help them within their everyday training exercises.

Before, everyone was reluctant of buying fitness and exercise machines or equipments because of that they do not have sufficient space and room to maintain them in the home. They simply skipped training with one of these exercise equipment due to the storage space’s dimension required. In the place of purchasing their very own gym equipments, they merely choose registering themselves around their community gym or simply they run and jog.

Using lightweight fitness equipments within the conditioning market’s wide variety, it’s simple to possess of utilizing the fitness equipment right in your premise’s convenience the enjoyment.